Licensed Stamp Of Approval Roofing Company Credentials

Many homeowners who need roofing services fall prey to unlicensed roofers who work cheap. Here is why you should avoid such contractors and why you should always hire a properly licensed expert like Penney Construction:

  • Permission to do roofing work in your state – roofer licenses are issued by the state the roofing business is registered and, in most states, obtaining a license is the only way for roofers to operate legally in a state;
  • A guarantee of quality – roofers study and practice a lot before they obtain their license and they also need to pass difficult exams to become licensed. The extensive learning and practice that is behind a roofer license ensure you that licensed roofers will perform a much better job on your roof than a cheap, unlicensed roofer would;
  • Work that meets all official requirements – licensed roofers are knowledgeable of local building codes and permitting regulations, therefore they can make sure that your roof complies with all applicable laws and regulations;
  • Insurance – it is only with a licensed contractor that you can be sure that the roofer will take responsibility, should any damage or accident occur while the contractor is working on your roof. In most states, legally operating roofers must carry various types of insurance policies, so a licensed roofer means safety as well.