Roofing Companies Can Help With Claims & Roof Damage

Storms are becoming more and more devastating each year, wrecking homes even in regions that used to be safe from the destructive forces of nature and leaving the people who suffer property damage very little time to recover before they need to start the insurance claim process. The period right after the storm might be full of stress and despair, so here are some tips to help you if you want to make sure that don’t miss an important step while compiling and submitting your insurance claim file:

  • Document the damage – you will need to support your claim with detailed evidence of the damage sustained by your property, so make sure to record every sign of storm damage. Take pictures and videos of any damage that your property has suffered and store the recordings for further usage;
  • Prevention measures – after you have recorded everything, do whatever you can to prevent further damage. If your roof has been devastated by the storm call one of the closest Wichita roofing companies to temporary cover the damage; if your basement is under water, turn off the utilities leading to the building to prevent accidents and injuries;
  • Consult your policy – read your insurance policy to find out what is covered and what is not;
  • Put together and submit the claims file – ask for help from your insurance agent or consult online resources to find out the exact procedure. You can also call your insurer’s helpline for assistance.