Is It Time For Home Remodeling

If you experience frustration with your current home, with rooms becoming less attractive and less functional by the day, but you still don’t know whether the time has come to start a home remodel hiring Penney Construction or the renovation can wait, here are some signs that tell you to start the process right away:

  • Structural issues – if your roof keeps developing new leaks and you have damaged flooring and mold on the walls, it is a sure sign that you need to renovate your home and you need to start at the top, with the roof. A leaky roof might be easier to fix than it looks and the repair will surely put an end to many issues inside the home;
  • Your home looks dated – your decades-old light fixtures, taps and faucets might still be working, but even so, you might feel that your home should be more attractive. Replacing a couple of fixtures does not require a very substantial investment and wit a little dexterity, you can handle the replacements on your own, too;
  • Your rooms don’t function properly – if your home feels cluttered, you no longer have enough counter space, if your doors and windows are drafty or they no longer open or close properly, you should start planning the remodel.