Finding the right contractor:

Be careful, do your homework, & practice due diligence when hiring a contractor to make repairs for damage to your property resulting in an insurance claim.

A contractor cannot legally offer to do the work for less than the amount allowed by insurance & return the difference to the homeowner on a depreciated claim. Both parties are culpable if this occurs.

A contractor also cannot offer any monetary incentive or rebate as an inducement to enter into a transaction if receipt of that benefit is contingent on an event occurring after the consumer enters into the transaction.

A homeowner can be compensated for labor or materials listed on the claim that they perform or purchase themselves. Referral rewards can be offered as long as they are not offered as an inducement to enter into a consumer transaction.

Be very careful when a contractor uses price cutting or cash back tactics to sell. In most insurance claim situations it’s fraudulent activity intended to unfairly entice. Contractors who are closing sales by these methods generally aren’t selling themselves or their work quality so much as they’re trying to buy your business & bribe you into an illegal transaction.

Rather than focusing on what a contractor is taking off, concentrate on what they are putting on. Ask questions about materials & construction methods. Ask for literature. Check out their company website. Check out their credentials, their referrals, & their customer testimonials. Ask to see copies of their contractor’s license, their Kansas Roofing Registration, & their workman’s compensation policy.

Find a contractor that will work with you throughout the insurance claim process to make sure you are being adequately compensated for all damages. Any work being done on your property is an investment. Make sure it’s a good one.

Protect yourself & protect your property. That’s what insurance is for. Hire a contractor that understands that & will work with you & for you to restore your property.

Some of what we offer at Penney Construction:

Carpenters built the entire home from footings to shingles & did all the reroofing, remodeling, & repairs before general contractors & big roofing companies dominated the market & began subcontracting most of the labor. A skilled carpenter is generally a better installer than someone who has done nothing but roofing. Benefit from the precision & detail of a carpenter applied roof from Penney Construction.

We snap lines to keep rows running parallel, straight, square, & true. We’re very careful with nail placement & driven depth on starter rows, ridge cap shingles, & every single individual shingle which is critical to how well a roof will withstand our Kansas weather extremes, especially the wind.

We’re cognizant of proper layering, lapping, flashing, & sealing to shed water, especially at high risk areas such as valleys, pipe boots, furnace flashings, vents, & anywhere the roof terminates at an exterior wall or chimney requiring step flashings as well as using ice & water shield as underlayment for extra protection in those vulnerable areas.

We recognize & repair any present sheathing & rafter damage rather than cover it. We install ice & water shield around the perimeter of all slightly pitched roofs to avoid sheathing damage caused by ice damming.

We use a stronger & more durable synthetic felt as an upgrade included as standard on all of our roofs. We can discuss multiple options available to alleviate attic heat & moisture issues caused by improper or inadequate attic & soffit ventilation.

We look out for you the way we look out for our own.