Penney annual roof construction  inspection

The roof is one of the crucial parts of any house. It keeps wind, rain and snow away and keeps the rooms warm and safe. And, because it has such an important role, your roof deserves your full attention and lots of TLC.


The Roof Endures the Worst Wear and Tear of the Entire Building

Do you imagine what your roof has to go through year after year? It is pelted by rain, scorched by sun, hammered by hail and then freezes under a layer of snow. This is major wear and tear – mostly caused by temperature variations.


This is why periodic roof inspections are extremely important if you want to have a solid roof over your house for a long time. A skilled roofing contractor can easily spot the first cracks and signs of damage and recommend simple and effective ways to fix them.


If they pass unnoticed for some time, these small cracks will become larger, allow water to infiltrate and bring mold and fungi inside your house. This means that you will have to perform extensive repair and renovation works, not only to the roof, but also to the attic.


All these costs and inconveniences can be avoided if you have your roof inspected by at least twice per year so don’t put it off!