Roofing Damage Storm Damage Roof Construction

Storms are one of the most important stressors when considering the structural integrity of a roofing system. Whether you own the cheapest asphalt shingle roof or a slate roof that’s rated at a durability of more than 100 years, it’s important to check your roof for damage especially after a powerful thunderstorm or hail storm.


There are a number of damages you have to check for, depending on the nature and severity of the storm, and whether there is a greater likelihood of direct or indirect damage:


  • Water damage is the first and one of the most direct types of damage you can find. Check for leaks, mold, shingles that are rotting away because of pooling, and damaged flashing.
  • Hail impact is also a big one. Cracked, dented and partially missing shingles will usually be the main culprits in this case.
  • Sometimes, storms involving strong winds can blow leaves and branches onto your roof, causing shingle damage or clogged gutters. This type of indirect damage can be problematic over time, so make sure to clear any branches and inspect your roof for damage that you might have missed at first.
  • Finally, it may be a good idea to contact a certified local roofer like to help pinpoint any damage that you might not see. They have a knack for spotting hidden leaks and other smaller forms of damage that can, however, lead up to hefty repair bills if left unchceked.