Roof Damage Know What To Look For

The damage sustained by your roof in a storm can be conspicuous and visible to the naked eye even standing on the ground or it can be more difficult to detect. Storm damage can take different forms, depending on the material of your roof – here are the signs to look for:

  • Wetness in the attic – if the last storm caused a leak on your roof, you will see wet spots right under the leak in the attic, most probably on the attic floor. If you want to find out whether your roof has sustained any damage, go to your attic right after the storm and check it – if there is a leak, it is right above the wet spot on the floor;
  • Look for dents in the metal – metal roofs are sensitive to impact, so if the storm dropped anything on it, you will see circular dents or punctures on the surface;
  • Look for buckling, curling and missing granules on the shingles – asphalt shingles are covered in a layer of mineral granules for weatherproofing. The strong winds associated with storms can remove the granules, exposing the deeper layers of the shingles and storms can also cause curling, buckling and tears in your shingles, so make sure to check for these issues.  Have an exterior company like Penney Construction of Kansas do a thorough inspection after major storms, to repair minor damages and keep them from major expense repair.