Roofing Color Choosing Right Product

The color of your new roof is more than just a feature that affects the curb appeal of your building – it is also a feature that affects the energy-efficiency of your entire building. Here is how to choose the best hue:

  • Consider the color palette of the building – the color of your roof should match the colors used on your building exterior, the principle color as well as the color of the trim. Choose a matching color, rather one that is identical with the colors of the siding;
  • Choose a color that blends in with the houses in the neighborhood – if your home is located in a neighborhood with classic, terracotta roofs, you should choose a similar hue for your roof, too;
  • Consult local building codes and HOA regulations – many local building codes and HOA covenants have very strict rules about the colors that can and cannot be used on buildings in the area. Your roof color should comply with all those rules – otherwise you risk being made to remove the roof;
  • Consider the climate – as a general rule, darker colors absorb heat, while lighter hues are more reflective. If you live in a region characterized by hot spells, a lighter colored Wichita roofing will help a lot with keeping your building cool.