How to prevent tree roofing damages

Can you really prevent nearby trees from falling on your home and damaging your roof? Although your home might be quite small compared to a large oak tree or fir, there are still some great precautions and methods you can apply, especially when your tree is still young.


A great way to prevent trees from falling on your home is to relocate them. For smaller trees, this is quite easy to do without breaking their roots, but there are ways to perform this action for older trees as well, depending on the terrain and placement of the tree.


It’s also important to know that trees don’t always grow to huge heights. Depending on the type of tree you’ve planted, you can estimate how tall it will grow and plant it a good enough distance from your home to prevent it from falling on your roof even once it will have grown to its tallest possible size.  None the less it is important to know someone who has Experience in roofing Wichita KS homes.



Large branches can act almost like the sails of a sailing boat that the wind can use as leverage against your home. As strong winds hit your tree’s branches, they can literally pull the tree out of the ground, so that it hits your home. As a result, simply trimming large branches on a regular basis can protect your home quite well.