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The weather is one of the most common causes of damage sustained by roofs – the other most common culprit is the critters that set up home on and underneath the roof surface, in the roof vents and in the gutters. The damage caused by animals, such as insects like termites and wasps, smaller or larger rodents, including ratoons, mice and rats and birds can be mild or sever, visible or hard to detect – here are some examples:

  • Damage caused by rodents – these critters usually make their way into the attic through already existing holes underneath the roof or through holes that they create chewing and tearing material. They usually refuge themselves to attics to escape from extreme cold or heat and to breed, the damage they cause usually including torn or cracked roof covering elements to create suitable entry and exit points, chewed materials, such as wood components and cables and highly toxic excrement left behind;
  • Damage caused by insects – the most common form of damage caused by bugs is damage to the wooden components that they feed on or where they build their nests;
  • Damage caused by birds – the nests and the acidulous excrements are the most common dangers associated with birds. The nests built by birds in gutter pipes and in roof vents might cause obstructions that can lead to further damage in the form of roof leaks or roof overheating for Wichita roofers to repair.