Joe & Stephanie Penney
6301 Lazy Day Ln
Andale, KS 67001

My wife and I founded Penney Roofing and Construction in 1995. This was to gain more control over our schedules and direction in life. My other sales and management positions in Kansas didn’t allow this. I had strong experience in home building and remodeling, roof replacement and repair, residential remodeling and commercial construction.

Home building runs in my family. My father was a home builder and I worked for a commercial contractor, remodeling contractor and home builder while I got my business degree at University of Nebraska Kearney for business administration. I later transferred t Emporia State University and worked for a roofing contractor while going there. That is when I met my wife and we ended up moving to Wichita right after our wedding. In my early married life I spent time as a home builder and also in commercial construction.

Upon moving to Andale to raise our family is when we started Penney Roofing and Construction. We quickly acquired a class “C” licence and moved into all aspects of residential contracting because of a high customer demand. The name was then shortened to Penney Construction. Wehave experience in everything from residential, garages, covered decks, full kitchen and bathroom renovations and more. This has culminated in the purchase of a custom steel building dealership so we can offer our customers a lifetime of building investment in any style or size that they want. We can also handle high volume hail damage repair among many other roofing services.

Penney Construction prides itself in it’s humble attitude. Even after 20 years we are constantly looking for ways to improve our methods while keeping up with all new products and trends. Our attention to detail is second to none in Kansas, Wichita, Sedgwick county or the surrounding areas. We just recently acquired a class “B” license to offer services to commercial customers to go along with our residential.

Our motto for building is “better too much than not enough.” This means we will go above and beyond your commercial or residential home or business construction project. If we can’t do it up to these standards or better than our competitors in Kansas we don’t offer it. Local codes often give the minimum allowable materials acceptable to use in a construction project. We ignore those standards and go above and beyond them. We choose to do it better and also make your roofing construction project stronger than anyone else who would do it.

We’re a family business & we’ve employed each of our four children during the summers & Saturdays during the school year. We’ve also employed our brothers, uncles, cousins, nephews, & fathers over the years. We’ve been blessed to have an abundance of quality labor available. We’ve endured the ups & downs of a competitive market by keeping our focus on customer service & satisfaction while offering a wide diversity of products & by nurturing a continually developing repeat customer base that grows exponentially with the referrals of our loyal customers. Thank you in advance for placing your trust in us & thank you to all who have done so over the years & allowed us to do what we do to repair & improve your homes & businesses.

We’re extremely grateful for your patronage & pray that we never take it for granted.